We have an add-on available within Google Sheets that will retrieve your Serpfox data from our API and insert into into your spreadsheets. It is available by opening the Add-Ons menu, choosing "Get add-ons"  and then searching for Serpfox from within Google Sheets, or directly from here.

Once you've installed the add-on an additional menu will be available in the Add-ons menu. Select "Settings" and you will be prompted to enter your Serpfox email and password.

Once you've entered this information the add-on will be available and ready for use.

Custom Function: serpfoxUrl()

Select a cell and enter the following custom function =serpfoxUrl("<url>"). Note that the <url> must be replaced with a URL that has keywords on your Serpfox account.

Google sheets will retrieve the keywords and associated data for that URL and insert them into the sheet. Note that because the custom function runs every time the sheet opens the data will constantly be refreshed.

What if I don't want the data to be refreshed every time I open the sheet?

Select all of the data and then paste it again using the "Paste values only" option from the paste menu. This will remove the custom function and the data will now be static.

As always, if you have any issues please contact us. If you'd like additional custom functions in Google Sheets to help you interact with your Serpfox data, please let us know and our development team will get right on it.

Happy spreadsheeting!