The "Add Scheduled Report" button allows you to create a report that will repeat at various intervals. For example, you might want a PDF report delivered to you every week. This kind of report is useful in conjunction with the client functionality of Serpfox. It allows you to set up a client account so that they receive a report at the interval they request.

When you click on the "Add Scheduled Report" button you will be presented with a modal dialog.

Field Descriptions

Title - A title for the report. Something descriptive will help you identify the report later on.

First delivery - Specify the date the report should first be delivered. If the first delivery is today, a report will be generated immediately and then according to the frequency.

Frequency - How often the report will be generated and delivered.

Duration - The period of time that the report should cover. Since last reported means that the report will include the period of time from the previous delivery until now.

Format - Determines the reports contents. A full description of the available formats is available here.

URL - Limit the keywords included in the report to a specific URL.

Group - Limit the keywords included in the report to a specific group. This can be combined with the URL field to limit keywords to a specific URL in a specific group. 

The reporting system is flexible, but it has quite a few options. If you need any help, feel free to contact us!