The tracking tab features two different views of your keywords. They can either be viewed by URL, or viewed by the group that you added the keywords to.


URL View


The URL view shows all of the URLs for all of the keywords on your account along with some metrics for the keywords for that URL.


The change column displays the net change over all keywords for the timeframe selected (i.e. Last, Day, Week or Month). Low and high are the lowest and highest ranking keywords for the URL. Keywords is the number of keywords for the URL, and the movement bar shows a graphical representation of the number of keywords increasing and the number of keywords decreasing. All of the columns except the movement column are sortable.

By clicking on the URL row the table will expand and display the keywords for that URL.

How can I add a new URL?

New URLs are automatically added when you add new keywords. The keyword add window contains a field for the URL.

How do I remove a URL?

When you have removed all of the keywords from a URL, the URL will automatically be removed from the URL list. You can also delete a URL and all the keywords for the URL using the delete icon in the URL row.

Group View

The group view is similar to the URL view, except that the keywords are now organised into groups that you define.